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I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with food, as far back as I can remember. I was constantly struggling with my weight and had terrible body image. Our home was always full of yummy baked goodies, cookies, sweets, sugary drinks. Looking back, I realize I always used food to cope with distress. Ironically, I also remember being on my first “diet” at the age of 12; an age where there really should be no concept of dieting.

My teenage years were spent in a back and forth between cycles of overeating or cycles of starving myself. I loathed myself when I was overweight and felt great every time I lost the weight. Despite losing the weight though, deep down I was never really at peace. I spent many years of my adult life jumping from one diet to the other, hoping something would “fix” my weight issues permanently.

I worked hard to maintain my weight, and it felt like I was struggling constantly, never feeling relaxed, never at ease. My closet always had clothes that ranged between 2-3 sizes. My relationships were chaotic and I hard time setting boundaries.

The one thing that always brought me joy was connecting deeply with people and inspiring them to be their best selves. I found myself spending hours happily helping my friends with their various life problems. People often turned to me for advice, and I loved helping and being there for my loved ones. I also found myself taking a deep interest in their health concerns, and realized I had an innate gift for intuitively tuning in to their situation and guiding them to an effective solution. I decided to make my passion for helping others into a career by pursuing a training in life coaching and holistic healing, so I would have the right tools to serve them better.

When I started working with my clients, I found many of them struggling with issues like mine, around eating, body weight and self-image. It dawned on me that the real issue underlying this struggle with food and weight, was really a low self-image. I understood and felt the pain of my clients. I also realized how unhealed emotions impact the body and translate into physical ailments. I gained a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection, and realized true healing involves healing of body, spirt, and mind.

I made major breakthroughs during my training at the “Institute for the psychology of eating”. I learnt so much about the connection between food/eating, weight and our relationship with ourselves and others. I learnt how eating is really a way of nourishing our bodies and loving the bodies we’re in comes from truly loving ourselves. With this deep-rooted love for ourselves, we’re open and free to live our lives fully, and deeply connect in relationship with others.

With this knowledge and understanding, I was able to finally free myself from years of struggle. I felt at ease in my body and enjoyed the freedom that comes with loving and accepting our bodies exactly the way they are. I came to understand that true happiness doesn’t come from a number on the scale or attaining a certain dress size. I now realized how self-care is a means to honor the beautiful bodies we’re in as, as opposed to punishing them to try and make them more like we would want. In healing my relationship with myself, I have manifested a romantic relationship that reflects to me, the love and respect I have for myself. From this deep love for myself, my self-care practices have grown richer. I feel more energetic and I’m enjoying vibrant health like never before.

I want my clients to enjoy this same freedom. I want them to live deeply fulfilling and meaningful lives, follow their passions, enjoy the most amazing relationships and radiant, vibrant health. I want to help them love themselves unconditionally, as this is the place from which true transformation takes place.


To be of the highest service to my clients, I have obtained various trainings and certifications in holistic healing. I combine these tools to customize them to each client’s unique situation and provide them the highest value from their sessions with me. I have certifications and many years of experience in:

  1. Transformational Nutrition
  2. Conscious Relationships
  3. Emotional Freedom Technique
  4. Reiki – in-person, remote, group, family and couples’ sessions
  5. Balancing of chakras (energy centers) with Reiki and Essential oils
  6. Acupressure for pain relief
  7. Yoga
  8. Meditation
  9. Law of Attraction and Goal manifestation
  10. Heal your life – healing inner child

I look forward to connecting with you and exploring how I can utilize my skills in supporting you in your transformational journey to your dream life.

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Location: Forest Hills

New York 11375

Phone: 949 – 929 – 6543

Business Hours: 9 am – 6:30pm  Mon -Fri, 9 am – 2 pm Sat – Sun


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