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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Next Step With Kalpana can be THAT next step you take to living your dream life, your true potential and creating a deep sense of fulfillment in every area of your life.

I support your healing journey Distance and In-Person Reiki sessions, Life Coaching and my unique line of hand-made organic skin & hair care products.

Your Unique Coaching Experience

In my sessions, I go beyond what my clients bring to me as their pressing issue. I probe and explore various areas of their lives, to make a detailed assessment of everything that might contribute to their current situation.

Some areas that I typically assess for are:
Childhood trauma, losses, other traumatic life events, satisfaction with current relationships, self-esteem, eating habits, physical health – digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, daily stressors.

In Person Reiki Sessions

My Reiki sessions are designed to cater to each client’s need and availability of time.

I offer: Individual and Group Reiki Sessions

All in-person sessions include the use of high-grade essential oils that promote deeper energetic healing.


I’m proud to offer a variety of unique, hand-made organic skin & hair care products.

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Distance Reiki Sessions

My Distance Reiki sessions are designed to provide you the benefits of Reiki healing from the comfort of your own home.

What People Are Saying About Working With Me

” In working with Kalpana’s compassionate and empowering coaching style over the course of several months, I’ve managed to rediscover my own inner *gogetta* — addressing fears and underlying beliefs about myself, which have been holding me back for years. Specifically, believing in myself, that I am worthy of abundance — that I deserve a happy life. Kalpana digs deep and establishes a comfortable conversation during coaching calls — it’s like talking to family or a close friend. I am blessed to have her in my life, as she coaches me to develop my business and personal dreams in a way I could not have done on my own. She’s worth every penny, folks! You must hire her to understand what I mean. Kalpana will get you relief and get you moving towards your dreams. Thank you Kalpana for coming into my life! “

Sid Andruska

NASM Certified Fitness Trainer,

” When I started working with Kalpana, I was in a dark place. I had no energy to work on my projects and was recovering from a relationship that did not work out. Kalpana helped me push the reset button on my life, asking me questions and acting as a guide to pinpoint areas where I was stuck in my life. Working with her allowed me to identify areas where I needed to slow down in my life. Most importantly, Kalpana helped me jump start work on my novel, which I had been neglecting. Three months later, and I’ve been working full steam ahead on my book, with several tools in my pocket to keep me focused, happy, and energetic. Thank you so much, Kalpana! “



Kalpana Vasu is one of the most gifted coaches/healers I have met. Her expertise includes Eating Psychology Coaching, Reiki, Essential Oils and Heal Your Body Coaching. During a session with her to discover what might be keeping me stuck in a certain area, it became apparent that some of my ‘comfort food’ habits were actually masking some hidden stresses that were trying to get my attention. By indulging, it was turning off the alert signal and allowing that which was needing to be released to be suppressed. Which has obvious detriment. Once this clarity was established, the root was ascertained and the appropriate clearing performed. If you have tried ‘everything’ and are still feeling funky, stuck, not where you want to be, please experience a coaching session with Kalpana. She will make your (all important) next step your best step.

Mark S

Comprehensive Coach & Energy Healer

Kalpana helped me tremendously as I worked through a difficult time.

As an individual sole business person, it is even more important to have some guidance, a sounding board and a coach to help cut through the mess to focus on what is important in life, and in business.  She helped me to see this more clearly.

More importantly, her calm, caring and inherently peaceful nature synced with my own belief system, yet it also gave a counter-balance and calm to my A+ driven personality.

I thank her. I encourage anyone considering adding a life coach, or a mentor for life purpose to consult with Kalpana at least once.  It will be well worth your time.  If your goals sync with her style, an investment in her services will surely be paid back handsomely.

I look forward to having Kalpana assist me with another Positivity & Focus Coaching Session as much as continuing to feel the spiritual kinship she engenders.

Clay Ryan

Owner,, Stress-Free

When I initially sought out coaching services, I was looking to receive assistance with getting back on track with entrepreneurial ventures.  While my focus was just getting through a to do list and acquire a list of accomplishments, Coaching with Kalpana, helped me gain much more than that!  Throughout the coaching process, I was able to prioritize myself better, I received valuable insights, a change in perspective, and learned to be more mindful and present.  Looking back, I’ve learned that although I was in get it done mode, Kalpana helped me learn to relax and practice self-compassion.  Today, I’m growing my entrepreneurial ventures, with a sense of flow and better understanding that relaxing into things moves them further along.  Thank you, Kalpana!

Elmire Oriol

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