“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

– Lao Tzu

Wherever you’re at in your journey, that next step is the most important. Whether you desire to improve your health, weight, relationship, abundance, career, parenting or bliss: Next Step With Kalpana can guide you on the next steps to living your dream life, your true potential and creating a deep sense of fulfillment in every area of your life.

I support your healing journey through Distance and In-Person Reiki sessions, essential oils, Life Coaching and my unique line of hand-made, organic, Reiki-infused skin & hair care products.

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” Very blessed to be a Reiki client of Kalpana for the past five years. Her energetic field and magic vibrations are unmatched. Utilizing essential oils massaged specific to clients is an added bonus. Can’t recommend enough Rested, Restored & Rejuvenated after each session is guaranteed. ”

– Margie S.


” Kalpana’s Reiki, both in-person and distant sessions are by far the best I’ve got till date. Kalpana gently analyzes your body and understands the alignment of each chakra. She is a gifted healer who shares a lot of useful information that definitely helped manage anxiety and ease my pain. Kalpana was able to intuitively know my characteristics and work on my energy fields. I’ve enjoyed every Reiki session with Kalpana and always left feeling more calm and happier than ever. I trust her to lead me through the process. My needs maybe different today than my first session, but Kalpana customizes each session and unfailingly creates a safe space and a wonderful healing experience. Amazing healer with contagious positive energy! Highly recommend her Reiki sessions!!”

– Tanuja V


”Kalpana is a magnificent healer. Her gentle, spiritual presence inspires complete trust and relaxes me before she even starts the session. She combines Reiki with healing massage, aromatic essential oils and soft, lovely music. The session feels heavenly.
Kalpana is a total professional and a complete delight. I had an auto accident about a year ago, which resulted in spinal cord injury and surgery. Kalpana has been an aid to my healing..

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an exquisite healing experience.”

– Brenda


”My sessions with Kalpana have given me stability and have centered my focus to lessen my anxiety. The tension I have felt (especially in my lower back) has been significantly reduced thanks to how much she pays attention to how I respond to her treatment over time. She has been so attentive and careful with how she approaches each of our sessions. I’ve felt especially anxious and tense this past years but my overall quality of life has improved so much since our therapy began. She’s wonderful and will definitely help you in ways you need!”

– Teresa M


” During my junior and senior year of college, I was, mentally, at a low point. It felt as if nothing I was trying was working. When Kalpana introduced the idea of spiritual healing via Reiki, I was initially a bit hesitant, as I had no idea what what Reiki was and how it would help me. However, from the first spiritual healing session with Kalpana, the beautiful nature sounds, aromatic essential oils, and amazing Reiki technique instantly put my mind at ease.

A little less than a year has passed since the conclusion of my Reiki healing, and I am in a much better place. I graduated with honors, got my dream job, and am much more confident in myself. I am so glad I took that first step. ”

– Rohan P


”Kalpana helped me tremendously as I worked through a difficult time.

As an individual sole business person, it is even more important to have some guidance, a sounding board and a coach to help cut through the mess to focus on what is important in life, and in business. She helped me to see this more clearly.

More importantly, her calm, caring and inherently peaceful nature synced with my own belief system, yet it also gave a counter-balance and calm to my A+ driven personality.

I thank her. I encourage anyone considering adding a life coach, or a mentor for life purpose to consult with Kalpana at least once. It will be well worth your time. If your goals sync with her style, an investment in her services will surely be paid back handsomely.

I look forward to having Kalpana assist me with another Positivity & Focus Coaching Session as much as continuing to feel the spiritual kinship she engenders.”

– Clay Ryan
Owner, BrainTrainCoach.com,
Stress-Free Living.com


”When I initially sought out coaching services, I was looking to receive assistance with getting back on track with entrepreneurial ventures. While my focus was just getting through a to do list and acquire a list of accomplishments, Coaching with Kalpana, helped me gain much more than that! Throughout the coaching process, I was able to prioritize myself better, I received valuable insights, a change in perspective, and learned to be more mindful and present. Looking back, I’ve learned that although I was in get it done mode, Kalpana helped me learn to relax and practice self-compassion. Today, I’m growing my entrepreneurial ventures, with a sense of flow and better understanding that relaxing into things moves them further along. Thank you, Kalpana!”

– Elmire Oriol

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